Zen and the Art of Poker Table Maintenance...

So, you have wisely decided to invest in a poker table and are reaping the rewards - increased respect, higher social status, cash winnings from games, etc. - let's make sure we keep it that way.

What we all want is for your poker table to stay in good condition for as long as possible. That’s because poker is a game of not only maths, odds and body language, but also of style and atmosphere. Here are some guidelines that will help you keep your poker table in good nick.

Location: The location that your poker table is situated both during play and when not in use is pretty key. Try not to set up or store your poker table somewhere which is damp, dusty or very cold. So the garage may not be the best place for storing a poker table. There is nothing (that's right, nothing!) worse than putting your brand new poker table away for the summer and then coming back all tanned and happy only to take it out and find that the playing cloth has been ruined by damp, mould, dew, frost, etc. If possible try and keep the original packaging or carry case intact after you have opened it. Yes, we all like to tear open a new toy as fast as possible, but, if you can, use this to store and protect your new gear when not in use. Do this and you poker table should last long enough for you become good enough to work your way to the World Series of Poker!

Cleaning: It is a good idea to wipe your poker table down regularly. If you leave dirt or drink spillages on the poker table for a long time, then it can stain and then you may not be able to remove it. If your table has velveteen baize, then you should use a dry cloth only. However, if your table has suited speed cloth (almost all of our tables do have this because its the best!), then you can use a slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt and marks. You can wipe the bumper, body and racetrack with a slightly damp cloth to keep them pristine.

Repairs: If you do get a rip, tear or scuff, don't panic!!!!!!! These are pretty easy and cheap to recover. It is worth attending to even small splits because these can grow larger over time and with use. Small tears can often be just glued back against the foam, and you also have the option of spending £10 or £15 on a professional vinyl repair kit. They are available online at various online stores, and your poker table will sincerely appreciate the TLC. These issues are usually repairable to an almost new finish, so don't despair if one of your friends does cause a rip in the leather bumper.

Finally, like anything, just be careful with it. Try not to eat greasy food, leave cigarettes or spill drinks on the poker table.

"Abide ye by these simple edicts, for your poker table will be zen, and your chipstack will be plentiful"

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