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There aren't many ways to better spend an evening than to get together with some friends, some food, some drinks, and to get into a genuinely enthralling game of poker. This much is true. What is also true is that one of the things that make poker so exciting is the atmosphere - the tension, the pressure, the thrill of the bluff, the mental and emotional calculations - all this makes sitting at a poker table very different to sitting at any other table.

One of the best ways to heighten this is to re-create the surroundings with which we most associate the game of poker. We can do this by creating a setting which is complete with the common ingredients of the classic poker arena. Most importantly by having an authentic poker table to play on and by having casino quality poker chips to play with! 

So bearing that in mind, let's take a look at the different types of poker tables that we have to offer!


The Poker Table Top: Poker table tops are available in a range of sizes and shapes for best fit on your dining, or on any other freestanding table. They are light, portable and typically fold to a half or third of their open size for storage and transport. You should look to have as little overhang as possible around the edges of your table to minimise the chances of knocking the table top when moving around. Some overhang is to be expected and will not be an issue.

Folding Legs Poker Table: A poker table with folding legs will provide an authentic table top surface with the added convenience of having metal legs that fold away for transport and storage. A range of shapes and sizes are available to suit your requirements. We offer poker tables in a variety of colours, sizes, forms and player positions. These folding poker tables are perfect for pubs or casino hire companies needing to stow away the tables or wanting maximum convenience when transporting them to different venues.

Fixed Legs Poker Table: Generally speaking these are more suitable for permanent installations. However, the way we have designed our poker tables here at Riverboat Gaming means that even with these tables setup can be done in less than a minute! These poker tables look great and for those of you who are not happy with anything less than authenticity then this is the one for you!

What are the other parts of the table and how do they affect my decision?

The Padded Cushion or “Bumper”: We all know that poker games can take a long time - we’ve lost track of the number of evenings that have turned into nights seeing tournaments through to the end! So you need to be comfortable! This bumper provides somewhere for you to rest your arms and elbows. All of our poker tables and poker table tops use high-grade foam padding and are upgraded to be thicker than the standard to maximise player comfort.

The betting line: This line follows the shape of the poker table and acts as a demarcation between poker chips that are yours and those that are “in play”. A clear betting line removes any issues of uncertainty surrounding whether a bet has been made or the possibility that chips are accidentally scooped up into the middle by an over enthusiastic dealer!

The “racetrack”: This, if provided, is the hard, usually wood effect, surface around the poker table just inside the bumper. It’s a matter of personal choice whether you go for this or prefer the baize right up to the bumper. The racetrack can be where the players stack their poker chips which are not in play and maybe a drinks glass. It’s the area of the table which takes the greatest wear as players shuffle and re-stack chips so a wipe down durable surface in this position can save some wear on the baize. However, it can also serve as a demarcation to define when players have placed bets (sometimes instead of a betting line).

Cup-holders: They protect the poker table surface and keep drinks in a fixed position out of the way of play. They also help define the number and position of seats at the table.  All our cup-holders are pint glass size and are stainless steel able to be easily removed for cleaning.

Playing Cloth: All of our Poker Tables are fitted with high-quality Suited Speed Cloth to ensure both the smooth sliding of cards and unbeatable durability. This cloth looks stunning and is also partially water resistant (as long as you get spills wiped up you should be ok!).

Dealer Position: Some of our poker tables are available with a fixed dealer position and/or chip trays. If you like to designate one person as a dealer for the whole game or if you are running events which utilise a dealer then it makes sense to choose a table with a fixed dealer position.


So, hopefully, this helps you make the right selection. If you need any more assistance choosing then just get in touch and we will be happy to help!

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